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Fantazia Summertime

15th May 1992 Matchams Park, Nr Bournemouth - 16,000 people. 

Perhaps one of the best raves ever held?  Amazing weather, brilliant music and double the amount of people it should have held!    This was raving at its best, followed by a chill on the beach afterwards......


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Fantazia Summertime - Review 1

Fantazia Friday May 1992, Matchams Park Stadium, Bournemouth 8.00 - 8am.

That Was It! No more Waiting in the car we had waited long enough for this event as it was and were getting itchy feet. We followed the other ravers who had got bored of sitting in the two to three mile long traffic jam (that was not about to budge) and walk in convoy to Fantazia.

The Stars were out, we could not have asked for a nicer night for a country walk, and three quarters of an hour later after, seeing lasers shooting through the sky and the forever increasing sound of music with that familiar booming beat aided by the MC, we arrived to be ushered in by friendly security who directed us through the car park to the main site.

The first impression was unbelief, it was almost like going back in time to the days of old, who remembers Sunrise, Biology Etc? This definitely is as close as you could get in this present time of raving to finding out what it used to be like.  If you can just image between 12,000 and 15,000 ravers in an open air stadium with a walkway around a raised dance arena.  The raised spectator stands outside all of this gave a magnificent view of the whole rave.  The walkway was lined with fairground rides, although not free, if you pleased poverty you still got a go.  There were stalls with just about everything from t-shirts to florescent bands but soft drinks could be obtained from the one marquee on the dance arena which had a long queue but once there had just about every type of soft drink you could want.  There was also plenty of munchies for those who felt a bit peckish although we doubt there were many. I wonder why?

The raised dance area had a sandy base so no-one had to dance on concrete causing a faint dust cloud above everyone's head that came up.  The atmosphere was electric with whistles in full effect.   Some ravers even took it upon themselves to give everyone their own interpretation of a sideshow as they danced on the stacked speakers surrounding the huge arena moving in weird and wonderful ways, pulling the faces to match.

The stage was impressive, being well lit so that everything could be seen from the back.  It was made up of three platforms, two for the dancers and MCs and the third highest, for the main men, the DJs.  All this was covered by a half dome canopy, with two giant video screens showing mad visuals and not forgetting the lasers shooting across the sky and onto a mesh to create pictures of snowmen and telling us to dance. some of the DJ's on the night were, Phantasy, Ratty, The Ratpack (who we think stole the show) closely followed by Slipmatt who deserves a pat on the back for catching back the crowds attention which had been dismally lost by his predecessor, Top Buzz, who we couldn't help noticing had a look of "I'm falling to sleep any minute now, wake me up when it's over".  What an anti climax after listening to Ratpack.  Also a big RESPECT to MC Robbie Dee who hung suspended from a rope in the centre of the stage chanting who want to fly?

Dawn broke and everyone was still going strong. Helicopters were hovering overhead, probably filming for the television coverage that was shown later that day, although there were a multitude of camera filming the event from all corners.  Anyway all good things must come to an end including Fantazia (which must be the favourite contender for rave of the year) and who better to round it off than Ellis Dee but for those who had not yet had enough, all headed in the direction of Bournemouth Beach to soak up the sun!

Sound: Reasonably loud getting turned up in the early hours of the morning but only to be turned down again 7
Lights and lasers: Just to watch them shoot through the sky was enough: 9
Atmos: Rocking with whistles in full effect 10+
Value for money: 20+ booking fee. Definitely not wasted money 9


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(Set of 11 CD whole night for first time.)

  1. Ratpack
  2. Easygroove
  3. Easygroove set 2 (inc Nicky Mac)
  4. Phantasy & SS
  5. Ellis Dee
  6. SY
  7. SY / Ramjack
  8. Slipmatt
  9. Top Buzz part 1
  10. Top Buzz part 2
  11. Ratty

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  1. Easygroove
  2. Phantasy
  3. SS
  4. Ratty
  5. Ratpack
  6. Top Buzz
  7. Slipmatt
  8. SY
  9. Ramjack
  10. Nicky Mac
  11. Ellis Dee (End)
    (All include though not in order)


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