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Production House started life in 1987 run from a large converted house in quiet Herbert Gardens, Willesden, London and was founded by Phil Fearon (of Galaxy Fame).  Since then the label has grown to become one of the leading dance independents with a roster of nine regular artists, several members of staff, its own distribution wing and a lot of hits under its belt! Surprisingly  with all the success the label continues to operate from its original, domestic setting, hence the inspiration for the labels name, and it was here that we spoke to Mario, Lee and Raj about the secret of their success.

"When we started out we were putting out Soul and Swing Beat.  In the last 18 months we've distributed our own tracks ourselves and the whole distribution  had expanded really well, because during 91 / 92 so many dance distributors went under and the one we used couldn't pay money owed we tried a different way and did it ourselves - distributors going under was a major  hiccup for us !!

This policy of self distribution certainly has paid off as figures show - in 92 Production House's releases accounted for 2% of the dance market, equalling Sony's music share of the same market.  Sony music?  A major with umpteen different labels under its wing - talk about taking on the big boy and winning! If you ever wanted evidence that the majors can't grasp the idea of marketing dance music, this is it!

Production House's artist roster reads thus: Acen, Baby D, House Crew, X-Static, DMS, Anti Chaos, Nino, DJ Solo and The Brothers Grimm.  On the Special Reserve list are MC Juice, JJ, Lace and Samantha Scott, Special Reserve being production House's alter ego, in order to cater for releases not fitting in with the traditional Production House releases, which are by and large one the hardcore tip - "Special Reserve had always been a sister label where some of our earlier Should artists have been able to carry on releasing their type of music its there as a touch of variety because the talent that Production House get isn't always in one certain direction, just because the music has changed and gone harder we still like to keep the producers that have been with us from the start.  With Special Reserve they continue to make new music.  Production House was getting more and more established as a hardcore label , so obviously we would have had problems releasing a Soul Record - we wouldn't want people going out and buying a Soul Record thinking it to be hardcore, there by causing confusion,"

One surprising aspect of Production House's self styled success is the lack of major DJ promotion, they are quick to stress that they do not have a main DJ mailing list ( so take heed blagsters).  "One of our unorthodox ways of doing things" as they put it.  So what the reason behind it? "We've found the DJ's over the last few years will want to play records they've bought over those they've been sent, so, not only could we not afford to send out records but if a DJ has spent 4 or 5 pounds on a new record that record is bound to be played.

Production House relies on its own unique style and product.  We like to think our music is high up in its field and that our music speaks for itself - that's why it gets played."

The advertising is kept to a minimum (back to limited resources) but music week is always a good choice - letting the industry know the product is there, letting the shops know that another Production House track is on its way and letting the tracks sell themselves, as explained above.

Mario explained to us "With the PA's I though there was a bit of a gap in the market, so I set up a frame work where good quality  PA's could be offered in a professional way and at a reasonable price, the main reason its worked so well is because we enjoy doing them, we get a bit of money plus we often  get rebooked by the same clubs.  I found that promoters often shy away from booking PA's as they have had to many bad experiences with others who don't offer anything worth  looking at.  We concentrate heavily on being as original as possible as well as playing live and being visually exciting. Other promoters, simply don't like the night to be broken up by PA's and that's fair enough, it depends on the type of event but if the PA's had been organised efficiently the night will still flow smoothly.

So has all the hard work paid off?  You bet!  In last years music week awards, Production House came first and second in the dance singles section, with "Close your eyes" and "Trip II the Moon" respectively, the best selling dance singles of 1992, both by Production House fave Ace.  Prodigy crept in at third place, and if this is any guideline with The Prodigy being the first credible dance act of this sort, Acen should have no worries when his album is released.  Hopefully Production House don't mind this comparison with XL, as they've said themselves there's a good relationship with similar labels - more a existence than rivalry.

Acen is Production Houses main hope at this time for breaking into the ever elusive market in the States.  And of course the other Highlight of last year was the excellent "Let me be your Fantasy" by Baby D which deserves a piece of the national chart action big time.  The aim is to do bigger and better things whilst still keeping their roots,  they look to XL as an example of this having had good chart success and still keeping the under ground  following.  The music might change - as they explained.

"We just have to try to keep everyone happy.  We'll never be stuck down one road, but we'll always be quality music."  The limitations imposed by working from a house didn't concern them last year and shouldn't cause any major problems in the months to come either.  The message is that Production House will be here to stay in whatever form that maybe - "The record industry is like the fashion industry, so you have to chop and change swiftly.


PNT 01 Dice (3) I Can't Take It (12")
PNT 02 Bunch Of 5's Shak Rendezvous (12")
PNT 03 Feedback (2) So Fine (12")
PNT 04 Claudio Galdez Water Garden (12")
PNT 05 Dice (3) You Got Me Runnin' (12")
PNT 06 Bunch Of 5's Mastergroove (12")
PNT 07 Feedback (2) Simply Magic (12")
PNT 08 Jazz & The Brothers Grimm Casanova (Passion Hero) (12")
PNT 08 R Jazz & The Brothers Grimm Casanova (Remixes) (12")
PNT 09 MC Juice Living A White Lie (12")
PNT 10 House Crew, The All We Wanna Do Is Dance (12")
PNT 11 Dice (3) Never Knew About Love (12")
PNT 12 Baby D Behind The Groove (12")
PNT 14 Blow-Out 39 Steps (12")
PNT 15 Natasha Mayne Touch (12")
PNT 16 MC Juice Satisfaction (12")
PNT 17 Brothers Grimm, The Deja Vu (12")
PNT 18 DMS A Brand New World (12")
PNT 19 Baby D Day Dreaming (12")
PNT 20 Blow-Out People Get Up / Come On Everybody (12")
PNT 21 Note 4 Note Savannah / You Got It (12")
PNT 22 Boogie Boys Ghetto Boogie (12")
PNT 23 Kyna Love That Never Was (12")
PNT 24 Dice (3) Straight To Your Heart (12")
PNT 25 Lace (2) Hot Lover (12")
PNT 26 DMS Love Overdose (12")
PNT 27 Brothers Grimm, The No Use Crying Now (12")
PNT 28 Leroy Burgess Big Time (12")
PNT 29 House Crew, The Keep The Fire Burning / Get On Up (12")
PNT 29 R House Crew, The Keep The Fire Burning (Remixes) (12")
PNT 30 Brothers Grimm, The Do You Want Me (Do You Need Me) (12")
PNT 31 Lloydie Crucial & Peter Ranking Ready For The World (12")
PNT 32 DMS Exterminate (12")
PNT 33 X-Static (2) Free (12")
PNT 34 Acen Close Your Eyes (12")
PNT 34 R Acen Close Your Eyes (Remix) (12")
PNT 35 House Crew, The We Are Hardcore (12")
PNT 36 Brothers Grimm, The Exodus (The Lion Awakes) (12")
PNT 37 MC Juice Freak In Me (12")
PNT 38 Lace (2) Heaven / I'll Be Good 2U (12")
PNT 39 DMS Vengeance (12")
PNT 40 X-Static (2) X-Static EP (12")
PNT 41 Nino Future Of Latin (12")
PNT 42 Acen Trip To The Moon (Part 1) (12")
PNT 42 R Acen Trip To The Moon (Part 2 The Dark Side) (12")
PNT 43 L Baby D Let Me Be Your Fantasy (12")
PNT 44 J.J. Do You Wanna Do Me (12")
PNT 45 Nino World Champion (12")
PNT 46 DMS S.O.S. (12")
PNT 47 House Crew, The The Theme (12")
PNT 47 R House Crew, The The Theme (Remix) (12")
PNT 48 Brothers Grimm, The Sign Of The Times (12")
PNT 49 Anti-Chaos Anti-Chaos (12")
PNT 50 DJ Solo Axis (12")
PNT 50 R DJ Solo DMS Remixes (10")
PNT 51 Acen Window In The Sky Part 1 & 2 (12")
PNT 51 R Acen Window In The Sky (Remixes) (12")
PNT 52 X-Static (2) Global Vibe (12")
PNT 53 MC Juice Five-O / I Like (12")
PNT 54 Samantha Scott Loveride (12")
PNT 56 D.U.B. With Longsy D Return Of De Dread (12")
PNT 57 Baby D Destiny (12")
PNT 57 R Baby D Destiny (12")
PNT 58 DJ Nut Nut & Pure Science The Rumble (10")
PNT 59 DJ Keith Dyce Everybody (12")
PNT 60 House Crew, The Superhero (My Knight) (12")
PNT 61 Lucida Tunnel Vision / The Project (12")
PNT 62 DMS & The Boneman X Life Is A Circle (12")
PNT 63 DJ Solo Deal Wid It (12")
PNT 64 DJ Keith Dyce Have A Happy Summer (12")
PNT 65 DJ Baby D Casanova (DJ Copy) (12")
PNT 65 R X Baby D Casanova - Jungle Remixes (12")
PNT 66 DJ Devine & Essence Hyper / Ready For Dead (12")
PNT 68 DJ Keith Dyce Pure Green (12")
PNT 69 Unknown Artist Ruff II Rugged EP (12")
PNT 71 DJ Devine & Essence Ease Up / Goodtimes (12")
PNT 73 DJ Devine & Essence What Game Ya Play? / Quest For Life (12")
PNT 74 DJ Devine & Essence Feel Love (12")
PNT 75 Antix (2) X-Rated / 45 Soundboy (12")


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