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Amnesia House - The Beginning 1988 part 1

Amnesia House are one of the original promoters of the 'Rave / Acid House Scene', organising illegal warehouse parties as far back as 1988, and are the unsung heroes of the industry. They have never cashed in on the scene and have always put on parties for the people, not for their bank balance. Neville and Bambam (Mickey Lynas's brother) of Amnesia House took us through "Rave History".

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The name Amnesia House has been familiarised with the Balearic Rave scene for many years. In fact the name was brought back from Ibiza, and used in the UK for their rave at Canal Road. Their first party was for 200 people in Canal Road, Coventry. They were really quite naive those days. They were just ravers who decided to put on their own events. They began as doormen in clubs, and progressed in to the House scene as organisers.

The two people that started Amnesia House were Bambam and Neville's brother Kieran. With their second party the police took interest into what they were doing due to other things happening in Coventry. The police came down heavily on them. So after the second party they let things cool down a little.

It was when they started up again and began to organise another party, Neville joined Amnesia House. Kieran had gone abroad and just left Neville and Bambam running things. Their third party could really be described as their first legal party. They were offered a venue by Stuart, a friend of theirs, who had a friend who lived out in the countryside and the venue was actually to be in the grounds at his estate. As this was to be an all ticket event and they had permission from the landowner, the event was 'legal'. Also back then and Entertainment Licence was not required as it is now (amongst much more red tape). This party was called 'House 1', they had a kicking sound system, scaffolding with sheeting on, and a few flashing lights. About 250 people turned up. The second event, 'House 2', was held in a warehouse offered to them by a friend. The police actually helped this event go ahead for the police helicopter lit up the road enabling the convoy of ravers to find their way to the venue. It went on from there really, they started to attract people from all over, but initially Birmingham. At 'House 3' a lot of Birmingham people attended the vent. Amnesia House at this time was big enough for the police to take an interest in their parties, they were approached by the police and asked to consider going legal, they didn't want dodgy warehouse events taking place, they preferred everything above board.

Enter Mickey Lynas

It was at this time that Mickey Lynas joined Amnesia House, Mickey started up a mailing list, where people became members under the Amnesia House name. They then found a venue called 'Sky Blue Connection' and the police said that they could hold the events there. This was probably the very first legal club rave in the UK. The police were very co-operative, they agreed that a Public Entertainments Licence was not needed, but a condition was that everyone had to be a member of the club, so it could be classed as a private party. The only problem for them was that the ticket office was situated three miles away from the club and people could not pay on the door, they had to buy a ticket and they were automatically a member on buying a ticket. The events at the 'Sky Blue Connection' were probably some of the best in the Midlands rave scene. The events were taking place once a month and they always had top DJ's playing on the nights, DJs including Doc Scott (who had been with them since 1988), Man Parris (who was also one of the big DJ's back then before he became and MC). After six top class events at this venue, the 'Sky Blue Connection' was closed down with deepest regret, due to the police clamping down on events, so they then moved to 'The Eclipse' in Coventry.

The Eclipse was the first all-night rave club back in 1991, it opened as the first all-night club in the UK with an Entertainments Licence. Amnesia House were not doing anything at first, but when went and held six top-class events that were rammed to capacity. It was probably some of the best events held in the history of the rave scene. At the same time that they were in the Eclipse, Amnesia House were running the most renowned club for Rave Events in Shelly's Lazerdrome at Stoke-On-Trent. Shelly's was a pure Happy House club that had an atmosphere that was unbeatable, booking top PAs such as N-Joi and Altern8 and it also had all the top DJs playing there.

Amnesia House Profile part 2

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