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Shelley's Laserdome - History

During 1991 dance music had a new name and a new club to talk about.  Shelley's Laserdome in Stoke on Trent.   In 1989 Stoke dance main night was  in small small back room at the Longton Leisurebowl called 'Introspective', it pioneered dance music in the town which would later lead to Shelley's and Entropy.  

Initially these events were mainly filled with loyal locals.  Introspective ran for about a year but closed at the end of 1990. 

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Its demise hastened by competition from a week dance night around the corner on Edensor Road in Longton.

In 1990 Logical Promotions from Birmingham began to stage weekly dance nights at Shelley's. These were known as the 'Sindrome' and were held on Saturday nights between July 1990 and February 1991.   The nights turned Shelley's from a typical town night club filled with people pissed up and looking for a fight into a respected dance club, that attracted people from as far a field as Manchester,  attracted by word of mouth and positive press coverage.

Resident DJs like Neil Macey,  Steve Warner,  Shock C and Unknown DJ built their reputations at the night and were soon playing clubs and events throughout the country including the Fantazia New Year 92 event.

By August of 1990 seeing the popularity of Saturday nights a promoter from Manchester took on running Friday nights at Shelley's Laserdome.  These were called  'Delight'.    They started off well, but it was not until a then little known DJ called Sasha took up residency that they became a weekly sell out.   Sasha rocked the crowds and they flocked to see him from all over the country giving Shelley's much more publicity.

Sasha residency which had started in September 1990 ended on the 27th May 1991 when he got disillusioned with the clubs rise to the main stream,  this prevented him from playing experimental tunes.   His final set was at the clubs first birthday celebrations.

The Sindrome and Delight nights ran side by side for just over 6 months. The Sindrome nights stopped in early 1991 but the Delight nights continued, even with the absence of  Sasha.

June 1991 - After Sasha's departure the promoters decided to injuct new life into the club with a change of the names.     It became called the "Tooty Frootie" club under Useless Promotions with residents DJs Dave Seaman and DJ Ralphy.

These continued the clubs popularity and big names DJs like Laurent Garnier and Frankie Knuckles made guest appearances.

Amnesia House at Shelley's - February 1991

In February 1991 Stokes DJ  Daz Willot rave promoters Amnesia House to do Saturday night with him as resident.    The opening night featured an impressive line up including Grooverider, Stu Allen, Doc Scott and a live PA from massive rave star N-Joi.   The night sold out well in advance and people queued in there hundreds to try to get in on the door.    The excitement generated was filmed by local TV News stations and this extra promotions saw Shelley's become the biggest hardcore night in the Midlands.  

Amnesia House at Shelley's continued until October 1992 and was the longest running night at the laserdome.    The residency came to an end when the Laserdome's management lost their on going battles with the local authorities and the police and their license was revoked and the club opened for the last time on the Saturday 31st October 1992.    The final guest DJ was Mickey Finn.

A few months later Shelley's was demolished under the Stoke On Trent regeneration scheme...


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