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Junior Tomlin - The Flyer Artist - Interview 93

Junior Tomlin, now 32 has been around in the drawing game for some time now. He has now established himself as one of the best artists around, letís look at how heís done it and what his plans are for the futureÖ.

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When did you first start drawing?
Since Junior school, back in the good old 60ís, I used to draw pictures of robots from lost in space.

Did you go to any colleges to progress your drawing skills?
I done a years foundation course, then I done a 3 year graphic design course. I was going to be a graphic designer, but I couldnít get a job as one, so I changed to illustrations.

What was your first break through within illustration work?
I started doing illustrations for computer games. Iíve done computer game covers for Atari, Firebird, Logo Tron, Micro Value plus many more.

After computer games, what did you move on to next?
I moved on to covers for records. Companies I have worked for include Kickin Records, Renegade Sound Wave, the Scientists, Wish Doctor, Messiah, The Rat Pack plus others.

When did you do your first rave flyer?
Last year for Rave World.

How many rave flyers have you done to date?
About 12 now.

Does the promoter or yourself come up with idea for the design of the flyer?
Basically half and half. The promoter comes to me with a basic idea, then I enlarge on their idea. For example the Peace Fest flyer with the funny faces, the promoter said draw a funny face and that what I came up with.

How long does it take you to draw your pictures?
I always quote 7 days because I usually have other things to do.

If you had too much work on at any time, would you turn jobs away?
No, I would never turn work away. I would juggle the deadlines to ensure everybody gets their artwork on time.

What stages do you go through from the idea to the finished artwork?
The first stage is to meet the client and come up with the idea. From there the idea is sketched, then I will start designing it properly. Next stage is to cut and mask the artwork before starting to spray with the air gun.

Which rave flyer have you enjoyed doing the most?
Well I donít have a favourite, I like them all, but I donít think Iíve reached my peak yet.

So whatís your ambition over the next couple of years?
Well, I would like to get into advertising art.

Article reproduced with permission of Blaze

Junior Tomlin Interview 2

How did you get into art and design?
Junior: Well I just fell into it really, I didn't do much in Junior school but in Secondary that was a different matter. I really wanted to be a graphic designer from when I was about 14 years old, and set out to go to college, but for most part I ended up doing illustration and fell back into graphics. The one thing that I would really like to do is character design.

How did you get started professionally?
Junior: I started doing computer game packaging artwork. For my early work I used an airbrush and my style is considered part Sci-Fi part fantasy and have been called 'The Salvador Dali of Rave'. I have done a lot of record covers for a few leading dance labels the first being Space Gladiator. Over the years my style developed and I moved into doing rave flyers.

Soon I moved to the digital medium. I worked for three years for a computer animation company, my film credits include Nightbreed a Clive Barker film, Lost in Space and have also worked for Cartoon Network, 2000AD, Audio Rom, and many others.

I have been freelancing for the past fifteen years. Now I work as a freelancer for Panini (you may laugh at the name) they are famous for producing football stickers I work for them as a digital colourist I have worked on Action Man, Transformers Armada, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Judge Dredd. I also teach graphics and applications at Kensington and Chelsea College One of things I like to do when I find the time is drumming when I can find people to jam with and cinema.

Who are your artistic role models?
Junior: Most of them are no longer with us they include Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Salvador Dali, and Chris Foss to name but a few.

Are there any new projects in the pipeline?
Junior: I am trying to get a retrospective exhibition off the ground (any sponsors) and do more digital art pieces

What do you say to other young aspiring designers/artists?
Junior: Don't compromise your ideas and talent, get paid, and in certain circumstances don't give up your copyright of your original artwork, and only do freebies at least three times a year its good for the soul.



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