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Fantazia British Anthems Vol 1

FBA1- Mixed by Jeremy Healy & Allister Whitehead

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Welcome to British Anthems.  As you can see we have brought you a brand new project that quite simply features great records that have or are about to rock ever dance floor in Great Britain.  For us, an Anthem is something that is more than just a great record, it's something that conjures wild images of great nights out and evokes fond memories of times past.  Armed with this motive we set about creating the perfect photo library of wild nights out and made you, the British public the stars of the show.

It's been a great year filled with great tunes and great times.  Dance music has never been bigger and Britain is at the fore front: our producers are creating sounds for music's biggest star, our DJs are taking clubbing to the crowds of the world.  Suddenly it's brilliant to be British again.  When British no longer means bowler hats and knotted hankies, but the Full Monty's Robert Carlyle, The Prodigy and fashions Galliano, Paul Smith and McQueen.  A time when we-re taking on the best in fashion, football and film and winning.  A time we're all going to remember.   A time for Anthems.  British and proud of it.  What more can I say?  Who's round is it?  Cheers    James (owner Fantazia)

Tracklist - Disc 1 - Jeremy Healy

Funk Junkeez - Got Funk
Ruff Driverz - Don't Stop
Serious Danger - Deeper
Whiplash - Over Me
The Course - Ready or Not
Afrowax 101 - Do you understand English
The Might Dub Kats - Ghetto Girl
Fatboy Slim - Everybody Loves a Carnival
DJ Dero - The Horn
Karen Young - Hot Shot 97
The Son - Jumpin & Pumpin
Brainbug - Nightmare
Praxis featuring Kathy Brown
Marmion - Schoneberg
Capricorn - 20Hz
The Heartists
Horse - Careful

Disc 2 - Allister Whitehead

Dave Angel - Funk Music
PJ - Happy Days
Laguna - Spiller From Rio
Trailer Parks - Raise Your Hands In the Air
Sybil - Why
People Underground f. Sharon Williams - Music is Pumping
Nightmovers - Our House
Black Connection - Give Me Rhythm
East 57th St. - Saturday
Giselle Jackson - Love Commandments
Ce Ce Penniston - Finally
Jaydee - Plastic Dreams
The Knowlege - As Until The Day
Bamboo - Bamboogie
Shena f. Byron Stingly - Let the Beat Hit 'em
Sex-O-Sonique - I Thought it Was You

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