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Fantazia British Anthems Vol 2 Summertime

FBA2 - SUMMERTIME Mixed by Jeremy Healy & Sonique

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Long nights in muddy fields, hours spent supporting the national team, losing it in Ibiza, these are the things this summer's all about.  And whether you're getting ready to go out, on your way back from a big night, or basking in the sun, this album should always be there.  Britain's favourite anthems straight from the nation's dancefloors. Tunes that have rocked the clubs in your hometown and are just as likely to rock any other club wherever you are in the world. The sounds two of Britain's most celebrated DJs will be taking to the world's clubbing capitals this Summer.

Ibiza, France, Spain, Goa, Thailand, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, there's one hell of a party going on and the Brits are out in storm. You can't stagger down the Ko Sahn Road or fall over the terrace at Space without bumping into someone from back home.  Whether you're into Techno or House, Garage or Glam, there's a dancefloor out there with your name on it and a seat reserved at the bar.

What ever your taste, we're all at the same party, it's called Summer and the British are showing the rest of the world what it's all about.


Morels Groove's Part 4 - Lets Groove
Obsibisa - Feels Good (Kent Height Clubbd Mix)
Two Amigos - Everybody Get Up
RM Project - Rock to the Beat (Club Mix)
20 Fingers featuring Gilette - Short Dick Man (Red Jerry mix)
Bridgett Reznor - Take Over (Raytheon Thumper mix)
Jaydee  - Plastic Dreams (Rhythm Masters Reconstructed)
Eylsian  - Sensation of the Mind (Pump)
Yothu Yindi - Treaty (Stuart Crighton remix)
Ramone LL Ropiak - Tribal Love (Tribal Dirt mix)
Capital Underground - Makes Me Feel Like (Horny mix)
V Tracks - Cosmic Love
The Netherlands Power - Dosh (Clog Dance)
Transfiguration - My Dreams (Van Basten Edit)
Gad - Mistral (racing podium mix)
H-Foundation - Laika
V-Tracks - Heretic Voice
Can Basten - Black Dragon
Hyperspectres - Mesquite (Begining of Time Mix)
Berra - June Project (Forces Mix)
Outdance - Move Your Tetas (Gibo Dubbin Mix)
Shafty - Ohm (XL Mix)

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Reviews - Disc 1 Jeremy Healy

Jeremy Healy like Sonique is no stranger to the national charts.  In the eighties with Haysi Fantaysi he had a hit with 'John Wayne is a Big Legee'. Yes - he's the same man.  More recently he has had UK chart hits in his own right with 'Stamp' and 'Argentina'.  The undisputed king of the party also travels the world in his role as music producer for teh top fashion houses including Jigsaw, Viviene Westwood and his good friend John Galliano.  The more flamboyant DJ around, Jeremy is currently in such demand if you wanted to book him now you should not expect him to be available until next century!

Always to be seen dancing around behind the decks, Jeremy is full of energy just like his sets of which this one is no exception.  These tunes are very upfront and can be heard in the nation's cooler clubs right now. Being a great fan of Michael Jackson he has started this mix with the Tamperer's massive hit "Feel It" which uses a riff from the Jackson Five hit "Can You Feel It". Other tracks such as "Deeper Love" by Ruff Driverz, the follow up to the massive hit "Don't Stop", featured on Fantazia's last release "British Anthems".  Nest comes Radical Playaz club monster "The Hook" featuring a riff you may recognise from a Red Hot Chilli Peppers track.   Jeremy's set progresses diversely through the disco sounds of DJ Disco and Babe instinct, the funk of Summer Junkies and DJ Stew and the break beat monsters Tzant, Flatback 4 and Lionrock.  With recent massive club hits such as Run DMC vs Jason Nevins, Sandy B and The Prodigy, this album can only be described as a must for any party with Jeremy Healy at this very best.

Disc 2 Sonique

The most talked about DJ of the moment steps up to the decks to take up her place in the Fantazia hall of fame. Starting her set with the most upfront tune, Streetlife's 'Just Call', which is destined to be huge, Sonique takes you on a journey through the tough but funky style of the Club 69 Tribal Anthem version of 'Meet Her at the Love Parade' and her own solo club cut "Put a Spell on You".  She finishes her set stomping style with the huge floor-fillers Megablast's "Bomb Da Loop", ORGAN's "To the World" and the Bjork sampling monster Vapourheadz "Don't Play Dead".  With tunes like these and a voice like her's its easy to understand why Sonique is so in demand.


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