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Fantazia House Collection Club Classics 2

FHCCC2 1995 - Mixed by Brandon Block, Peer & Mike Cosford

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"The good thing about the House revolution was that it took people's eyes away from the stage - the crowd were the stars".   For all the theorising over the growing state of Britain's clubland and the wondering how - eight years on from 1988's original digital burn - we're all still dancing, one blindingly obvious fact is often overlooked - the memories, the crowds and the good times have kept us coming back time and time again.  Fantazia, hailing from the legendary Eclipse club to become the first of the UK's big promoters, believe in this statement. That's why, for the second Club Classics collection, we've invited both renowned DJs and emerging new talent back to the decks to chronologically mix tracks from the past right up to the present.   If you've been dancing with us from the start, then each of these mixes should hold some special memories for you.  Any if you're one of the new generation, then it's Fantazia's intention that these memories should be shared with you too.  

Tracklist - Disc 1 Brandon Block

Perhaps you know Brandon from his ongoing annual legacy in Ibiza.  Perhaps you were a regular at his residencies alongside the like of Sasha and Jeremy Healy way back in the emerging days of House.  Or perhaps you encountered him staggering about the infamously debauched FUBAR nights where he never failed to rock the joint.  He was recently awarded "Canner Of The Year" by Muzik magazine.....

Disc 2 Peer

Remixer, producer, songwriter, and yes DJ.  Peer's golden touch has influenced every aspect of clubland today.  Hailing from the legendary Kaorchanson nights (Norway's own answer to Schoom) and was soon guesting in countries all over the world.  Soon after arriving in the UK, he went on to DJ for D:Ream as they toured their chart topping sound over five world tours! Here Peer is on typically fine form and with a neat sideline in writing hit singles (he's not saying which), he's a name to watch out for.

Disc 3 Mike Cosford

Few can claim to have really been there from the start and few can claim to have appeared in a compilation series on three separate occasions.  Mike Cosford is one of the few.  Throughout the myriad of changes and styles of dance music over the last eight years, Mike has stood firm and championed his own belief in the power of quality House music.

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Fantazia Club Classics 2 Reviews

Send us you review / thoughts on this album and they will be included here.   I.e. why did you buy it,  did you like it, was the mixing good,  what do you remember doing when you first played it. Do you still play it etc........

Since the dawn of an era, dance music as we know it has brought to us roomfuls of floor filling blinders.  There isn't many of us who haven't got a mental list of personal classic tunes that each time played open up the floodgates of 12" vinyl memories.

The 93/94 club years of uplifting tunes has recently inspired a multitude of digitally mixed compilations featuring the wheels of steel idols who most people now count as household names.   In any downtown music store these days if you are anything like me you could spend your entire degree years and possibly your grant cheques sifting through "The Best Of..." clichs all claiming to contain the ultimate classics and more.

The reality is 20 tracks, 16 of which are played on every commercial radio station this side of Istanbul, as far as I'm concerned I would rather spend my grant on an ooge bedroom system and the change on Fantazia's Club Classics Vol. 2.   In the year of 1995 Fantasia gifted us with the House Collection Club Classics Vol. 1.  This year its Fantazia's Club Classics Vol. 2 another equally timeless little masterpiece of 39 ripe for pickin' cuts mixed by an equally ripe triad of set builders; the first disc Brandon Block known to all for this annual legacy in Ibiza, has once again reassured me personally that choosing the records is an art in itself.


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