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Fantazia House Collection Club Classics 1

FHCCC1- Mixed by Brandon Block,  Luv Dup & Mike Cosford 

Our classic house album.  Packed full of top tunes, a massive hit back in 1994, this is a must for any collection of dance albums.

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Tracklist - Disc 1 - Brandon Block

Brandon is a living legend.  It is the likes of him that have turned clubland into the institution that it has become today.  Being one of the very first named party DJs who could consistently fill any club he chose to play at, we can still see him seven years later, partying up venues not only in the UK, but also across the continent. Tough it is in the Balearic Islands where he has been guesting every season for the past 5 years, that he can be most associated with.  Perhaps we will see the Ibizan Tourist Board make him a national hero for the amount of revenue he has brought to the island!

Disc 2 - Luv Dup

The notorious Luv Dup Twins have returned to the Fantazia turntables once again.  Bringing their own touch of madness (or is it genius?) to this album, we hear them fire into a set which truly depicts their famous style.  We have dredged the Luv Dup vinyl vaults, and selected a whole host of favourite tunes from the early 90s to continue the journey.  Make no mistake, if these can't get you up and on your feet, you are probably dead!

Disc 3 - Mike Cosford

After the amount of rave reviews we received about Mike C's superb set on the House Collection Vol. 1, we have asked him to come back and do it all again for us. Today we see him lose the pseudonym of 'Mike C' as he is now famous in his own right both across the UK and Northern Europe as a true underground DJ.  Mike's mix contains 14 more recent vinyl monsters that have been taking clubland by storm.

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Review - Dream Magazine

After the huge success of The House Collection Volume Three, Fantazia return with the release of The House Collection - Club classics.  The album  takes its listener on a journey into the archives of house music and reunites them with their favourite tracks of all time.  The House collection Club Classics contains 42 groundbreaking anthems all mixed to perfection in chronological order, capturing over five years of house music history. 

In usual Fantazia style The House Collection Club Classics is mixed by a host of the UK's most respected talents.  Disk One spans from 1990-91 and is superbly mixed by out and out party animal Brandon Block.  The first selection reflects the early days of dance culture and highlights the club classics that were regularly heard at the likes of Shoom in London and Shelley's in Stoke.   All of the tracks are Brandon's personal favourites and include all time classics.

Disc Two reunites the internationally renowned Luv Dup twins with the Fantazia turntables where they spin their all time party favourites from 1992-1993.

Disc Three also sees the return, this time by the South West's favourite Mike Cosford (alias Mike C) from the House Collection vol One (voted as one of the top albums of the year by Muzik Magzine (February 96),  Mike brings the ultimate climax to the House Collection Club Classics by mixing a whole host of the dance scenes more recent monsters.

As usual it has been packaged Fantazia style with a very nice angelic figure who any hot blooded male could get "devilish" over.  This compilation is out on the streets from the 5th February 96 and all I can say is just buy it!   Club Classics is a very good contender for my favourite ever!    5 Stars out of 5!


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