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A-Z of Recreational/Illegal Drugs Information

Below we have some information on a number of widely used recreational drugs many used by clubbers or ravers as well as information on many stranger recreational drugs from around the world.   We do not condone or encourage drug taking, but drugs are widely used and we believe people should have access to educational information to make informed drug choices. 

Drugs NewsDrug Games5-MeO-DMT, 5-methoxyAlcohol, Booze, Juice Ethanol, Grog, PissAmphetamine, Whizz, Billy, SpeedAmyl nitrate, Liquid Gold, Poppers, Rave, Rush, English, TNT
Anabolic steroids, SteroidsBarbiturates Pink Ladies, Red DevilsBenzodiazepines, Tranquilizers, Valium, JelliesBenzylpiperazine, BZPBuprenorphines, Subbies, TemmiesCaffeine, Proplus, Coffee, Tea, Redbull
Cannabis, Dope, Hash, Skunk, Blow, DrawCocaine, Charlie, Coke, BaseCrack, Freebase, Rocks, StonesDamiana, Turnera DiffusaDatura, Thorn Apple, Devil's Apple, StinkweedDMT, Businessman's Lunch
Energy Drinks, Red Bull, Kick, RelentlessEphedrine, Zest, Herbal Ecstasy Fluoxetine, Prozac, Happy PillsFoxy Methoxy, TrashGHB/GBl, Liquid Ecstasy, Blue NitroHeroin, Smack, Skag, Brown, Opium
Kava, Piper, Yagona, SakauKetamine, Special K, Vitamin KKhat, Abssinian Tea, QuatLaughing Gas, Nitrous Oxide, N20Legal Highs, Ivory Wave, Spice, Blue-E, Dust, RazLSD, Lucy, Trips, Acid
Mdma/Ecstasy, Ecstasy, Doves, Mitsubishi'sMephedrone, Meow Meow, Mcat, Planet Food, 4MMCMescaline Trimethoxye phenthylamineMethadone, The prescious slime, GreenMethamphetamine, Crystal MethMethylphenidate Vitamin R, Ritalin
Oxygen, O2, DioxygenPhencyclidine PCP, Angel DustPMA, Paramethoxy amphetaminePsilocybin mushrooms, Magic Mushrooms, ShroomsRohypnol, Roofies, R2, FlunitrazepramSalvia divinorum, Diviners Sage
Solvents, Glue Sniffing, Aerosols, TrollyTobacco, Cigs, Weed, Smokes, NicoteenViagra, Blue, Little Blue PillWormwood, Artemisia, Absinthium2cb / 2ct7 / 2c-i, Bees, CB, Nexus, Bromo4mta, Flatliners, mata-1

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**Disclaimer / Useful information**

Whilst we endeavour to check the information contained in these pages we do not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information contained here in, nor do we condone the taking of illegal drugs.  Please do make further research where necessary on other internet sites.  We have a page of useful links.  View now


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