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Buy canvas prints or t-shirts featuring your choice of rave flyers

Rave flyers were well loved back in the early days of the rave scene.  Turn your favourite flyer into a large canvas print or t-shirt. These canvas/prints make excellent Christmas / Birthday presents for an old raver.   Square flyers look better on square canvas etc.... Got a query?  Contact us

20/01/10 "My canvas have been delivered
and are amazing thank you" Richard Tekell

Rave Flyer:


Printed on a T-shirt

Printed on a white Mug
iPhone 4/4S white cover
Tote Bag

Select item Type/Size:
Name of chosen Flyer:
Colour of T-shirt if applicable


Frequently asked Questions:

1. How are these items sent out?
Canvas are large items we therefore send them out using very good packaging and a courier services for the largest ones.  Our prices include the cost of delivery to the UK only.  We are not able to send canvases overseas but we can send t-shirt.  See our postage page for overseas charges.

2. What is the quality like as the images are increased in size? 
We think they look great.  If we don't think the flyer you choose will be up to our high standards then we will tell you before we print the item.   As the item gets larger there is a slightly grainy feel to the images.  This looks great on canvas which has got a a bumpy surface.

3. If I want more than one flyer on a canvas can you do that?
Yes we can.  We can also add other images of your choice

4. I am not clear which pictures I can get printed on canvas
We can do most of the images on the flyer library.  If there is any problem we will let you know.

5. In the Chosen Flyer box what do I type?
Just try the Promoter name and event name and/or date

6. How do I select the type I want?
Just highlight the size you want from the pull down list by clicking the arrow down and click the size required.  Once you have typed in the flyer name and pressed Buy item your choice will be added to the shopping basket.  You can add more items buy clicking the return button.

7. You don't have my favourite one listed.  How do I get that one?
Place the order and we will see if we can locate it for you.  If we can't we will refund within 3 days.  Alternatively if you have the flyer you can scan it and email it to us or send us the original flyer and we will scan it for you.  Click for the address

8. I have had an email saying there is a problem with the size of our canvas bought why?
The flyers vary in size from A5 to A4. It may be the one you have selected is not suitable to be blown up to a much larger size as a lot of detail is being lost.  We will therefore give you the choice to cancel, go ahead or select a different flyer.

9.  Do I get all pages of the flyer on the canvas?
No you will only get the main front image.  We may crop this slightly to suit the size of the frame you have chosen but be assured the main feel of the flyer will be retained.

10.  What sort of t-shirt do you use?  How is the printing done?
We use a good quality t-shirt that will last your for many years.  The design is printed onto the t-shirt and the flyer will look excellent.  However after repeated washes there will be some fading.


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