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Boogie Beat Records - Interview 1993

Boogie Beat Records, from London Town, have made quite a big impression in the rave scene. Basically, the label is run by three key people, George Power the Managing Director – one of the founders of Kiss FM, Kid Andy the A & R Manager and finally by no means least Ben Intellect the master engineer. So lets get stuck in to some ruff stuff….

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When did Boogie Beat Records all start?
The label officially started about a year ago, back in March 1992, but we did do 3 releases in 1991 before setting up the label professionally.

How did you come up with the name Boogie Beat?
I (Kid Andy) used to be a radio DJ from the early age of 14 and at the time I used to run a show on air called The Boogie Beat Show in 1984. So we decided to keep the name because the name carried some weight out on the streets.

What releases have been done to date on the label?
Rizla Base by Order To Move is the tune that put us on the map, it went straight into number 30 in the Gallop Dance Chart, no 18 on the Kiss House Chart and straight to no 1 in the Echoes House Chart. Before this tune, nobody involved in hardcore had even heard of us, but now all of a sudden, all the pirates started playing the tune and it flew into the charts in the same week, which created a lot of interest in us.

What followed after that record?
Next came Feel The Magic by Intellect which went straight into no 16 in the Echoes House Chart. At the same time we released another tune called Dance of Love Well. Next we managed to get hold of Audio Illusion who did a four track EP. The Scientist then came along and ripped the Audio Illusion EP to bits, remixed it and rebuilt it to an excellent standard. After these came:

Trance 4 Mist Order 2 Move
Technicians Fling Down Part 1 Kenetic
Weekend Rush EP Part 1 Intellect
Weekend Rush Part 2 Ministers of Dance
Weekend Rush Part 3 Kid Andy
Mix Master Max Nickle Bee
Agent 24k MC Charl E

Which record has been the most successful to date?
Well there’s 4 tunes that have done brilliant. First being Order to Move – Rizla Base, then Minister to Dance – Dance to the Melody, the Weekend Rush EP Part 1 and finally Audio Illusion – The Scientist.

Does Boogie Beat sell records abroad?
Yes, countries we currently deal with include Holland, Germany, Australia, USA, Greece and Japan.

How healthy would you say the hardcore scene is?
It is not dying for sure. Some people, like major distributors are saying that the scene is dying, they are saying this because they want to protect some of their major dance labels and they are shit scared of people like us who are up and comin. For example, if you go to a school and ask the kids what music they listen to, they will tell you they listen to pirate radio stations and what music do they play – Hardcore of course. The youngsters want hardcore and while there is a demand the scene will never die. The music may not be selling as much as it used to, but is understandable – there is a recession on you know.

Some people say Hardcore music has become boring, how would Boogie Beat like to change the music?
Well Hardcore House now is all sounding very similar. Basically, by just taking samples off everyone else, you can make a Hardcore tune in a day, we are currently stretching it out to 3 days, trying to produce original breakbeats, to make the tune stand out a little more. Also a lot of people are sampling raga samples. What we’ve done is gone out there, found the original people who’s voices were sampled, now we are going to get them in the studio, write some lyrics and use these in our tunes rather than do the norm and sample other peoples records. We will have something totally original.

Is Boogie Beat going to stay with the Hardcore scene?
Boogie Beat will. But we do have a second label called GPL which is on a more mellow tip with people like Paul Trouble Anderson of Kiss FM and Richie Rich of MTV involved.

What are your targets for 1993?
To increase our record sales and establish other artists throughout the year. We want to push all our current artists so when people say Boogie Beat, we want them to think of an artist that goes with the label. For example Prodigy and XL Recordings. Each of our artists should also have one release every month to keep them constantly in the limelight. So we are looking for 2/3 records per month. Soon we will have out the Weekend Rush EP Part 3.


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