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Technical Difficulties

DJ Laney-G started DJ’ing in 1994 playing old skool + happy hardcore. He started off playing at under 18 events in many clubs in Bournemouth, whilst still at college. The nights became popular with the locals and his biggest event was at Poole Arts Centre, where he DJ’d to 1000 ravers! Laney-G was taught to mix and scratch on vinyl decks, such as the X-Men (x-fade, x-cess, x-cite) Now officially known as the ORGAN DONERS!!!

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Having carved a name as an up and coming DJ on the south coast, he was invited to play a set with LEE-KB at the One and Only “Manor Nightclub” in Matchams Lane, Ringwood in 1998. This was alongside established DJ’s, such as Vibes, Dougal, and Vinyl-Groover, to name a few. As time progressed, LEE-KB and LANEY-G were asked to be residents at a night called “Experimental” at the Opera House, which was a monthly occurrence.

DJ Lee-KB has been in the dance scene for over 14 years, despite having started DJ-ing in the world of underground music at around 18. Many nights were spent playing at free parties and boat parties all over the South coast. Encouraged by his love of music, from Chart to the many different forms of dance music, in the scene today.

Many late nights were spent playing around with the art of mixing starting on belt driven Pro 150s, then the outstanding Technics 1200’s to the legendary 1210’s, and now the awesome Pioneer CDJ 1000’s & 2000’s

Technical Difficulties and Producing

In 2007 Laney-G and LEE-KB met up with their main producer “ED SHOCK”. This is where they started to
concentrate on producing their own tracks using all their previous 13 years of experience in the dance industry
to create their record label “TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES”

Every Friday night LANEY-G and LEE K B would travel from Bournemouth to Southampton and spend countless hours, defining their sound and learning the world of Ableton Live.

Shock is one of the most versatile and talented producers on the scene right now. His musical ability stretches
from Swedish House, Drum and Bass, Dub-Step, Jazz, Swing, and UK HARDCORE. He taught himself to play the guitar, piano and also the extremely challenging art of engineering the sounds of Technical Difficulties tracks today. Shock’s outlook from the beginning has always been to make the tracks sound unique and different from what is being produced by other artists in the scene today. Shock will create his own bass sounds, percussion, and many more parts of the track from scratch. Shock is currently creating a TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES SYNTH, which will be available to purchase, and will be useful to all hardcore producers in the scene. (Watch this space!!)

Shock has had several contract offers from Drum and Bass and House Record Labels, but is totally focused with
LEE-KB and LANEY-G on the UK Hardcore tracks that you hear today on the TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES Label.

The feedback from ravers and producers in the hardcore scene has been overwhelming with a surge of interest and the versatility of their music. Technical Difficulties have produced 35 tracks in 2011 and had collaborations with Eufeion / Kandie Rush (KRUSH Records) / Track master Music, and Executive Records in Australia with recent remix interest from LETHAL THEORY RECORDS CO DIRECTOR DJ KURT in remixing Commander Tom by SHOCK & NRG and from many more as well as comments from the likes of QUOSH RECORDS HEAD HONCHO LEGEND DJ SY who thinks the tracks are quote : “COOL TRACKS”

Highlights from these tracks are “NUKE EM” (no 4 track it down top 100 charts), “BLACKOUT” (No 8 track it down top 100 charts) as well as recent additions Commander Tom by Shock & NRG, Forgotten Moments by Shock & NRG and they keep coming with yet another Featured track by Shock, Laney-G and Lee-KB namely The Ex Presidents plus loads more.

To check out all the TD tunes currently available to download from trackitdown.net click here : http://www.trackitdown.net/search/keyword?q=technical+difficulties

DJ Bookings have been coming thick and fast since the releases of their tracks on track it down with new bookings and residencies including : Power-core (Residents) / Regenerate (Residents) / Fusion (Residents) /

Experimental (Residents) / Kore / +12 / Diffused / Hardcore Unity and Core Obsession

The latest highlight for the boys’ talents has been winning the Krush Records Competition called “Subtronic”
(Drum and Bass Remix) beating 103 artists, showing their versatility to having the best produced track.

Last and by no means least, this MC needs no introduction and Technical Difficulties Crew have joined forces with the Legendary “MC NRG” (Resident @ Fantazia, Section 18 and Seizure Events and Former Resident at Helter Skelter, Dreamscape, Slammin Vinyl and Hardcore Heaven and many more) who will be joining the TD crew up and down the country giving his unique hosting style, production vocal collaborations and 17 years in the UK Dance Scene!

For bookings and remix interest please contact TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES through facebook by searching for TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES group on Facebook


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