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Tuxedo Princess - Glasgow

The Tuxedo Princess, was opened in 1988, along side its sister Ship in Newcastle Upon tyne, The Tuxedo Royale.

Both Nightclubs had almost identical layout, as converted Car Ferries. The main attraction was the Cruise Club, which was in the main Car section of the original boat. The dance floor consisted of outer edge seating and a large Revolving Dance Floor. The high ceiling, enabled the installation of a huge lighting rig, which contained multi coloured neon, Par 38, silver globe and scanners, these were later updated with moonflowers etc.

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The Tuxedo Princess, was hugely popular with shall we say better off clientele at the beginning of its life, with approx 2,000 people on board on its busiest evenings. With 8 Bars across the Club, there was plenty room for movement around to enjoy the evening.

Bar 1 - The Mediterranean Bar Club 1 - The Princess Suite (3 Bars) Bar 3 - Raffles Bar 4 - Front of Deck. Club 2 - The Cruise Club (2 Bars)

Alas, another Nightclub in the North end of Glasgow opened, namely Victoria's and people gradually moved away. The Tuxedo Princess, closed its doors in 1991 and re-opened with a full re-vamp in 1992. The installation of a 22,000 watt sound system and updated lighting. Numbers picked up but then the Rave scene hit Glasgow hugely. Violence ensued at the Princess, managed to scrape through for a further 4 years. The sad demise and local Pressure took its toll and the Princess closed its doors for good. She was removed from its berth of almost 10 years in 1998 to the Boat yard in the sky.

The Princess and the Royale were two separate ships, the Royale still enjoys the Night life in Newcastle, long may she live on.



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