How did you get your name ĎMagikaí and once and for all, is it Majika or Magika?
It's Magika and I was with a bunch of old friends and we were brainstorming in the garage where we hung out and the name was born and as they say the rest is history.

How did you get into the scene? Where was your 1st gig?
My first gig was Moseley Dance Centre for the UB4O boys who promoted raves also called earthquake in 1989.

How long have you been MCing now?
I have been mc-ing for 15 years professionally.

What do you think are your best qualities as an MC?
To talk when you have to shut up when you have to ,to spit lyrics when you must and to overall have control of the situation and to realise you are there for the crowd and not yourself.

Do you write lyrics down?
A bit of both I like to freestyle, I think it makes you become better at your job however to write stuff and to practice it then to execute it live is also great and helps.

Whoís your fav Dj to MC to? And is there anyone youíd like to MC for?
My fave dj was my man Carl Cox who I was with for 5 years. I established myself by being chosen by Carl, I have been schooled well, also I used to go down well with Slipmatt and Pilgrim very well but really I can work with anyone and if I could I would have loved to have worked with Sasha he is the only one I have not worked with.

Do you still keep in touch with Carl Cox as you were his mc?
Not really no, Carl lives n OZ now however I have bumped into him in airports across the world from time to time I have a lot of respect for the man and Iím grateful for the experience he gave me.

What was it like winning best MC a few times?
I won in 95 at the Eternity magazine awards also again at the Dream magazine awards in 97 and it was a great feeling as I had be recognised for all my hard work that I had put in to getting me to such status also in 1999 I was one of 4 nominees at the KISS100 awards as voted by the public and listeners the 4 were Stevie hyper d R.I.P. MC MC, Gq and myself I was chuffed to bits as there I was a Hardcore mc even thou I was versatile and coming from Bham I was voted in the top 4 in London amongst 3 of the biggest Drum&Bass-jungle MCs of the time I was honoured and I then knew that I was lucky as I could touchdown on both styles of music genres and I did and still do, not many have done that to make such a transition so I am proud of that.

Do you get on well with other MC's and DJ's?
Yes and no to be honest the circuit was and is full of politics so there was certain artists that I never really clicked with but overall I get on with most and generally just keep my head down.

What's you favourite all time tune? And worst and why?
I donít really have an all time fave but if I must pick one it has to be T99 Anastasia the track that got me hooked and into the rave game. My worst tune was Toy Town by Sharkey and Hixxy it was so cheezy man I know them guys and I respect them as artists very much they are very talented both of them however that tune was an ice cream van anthem and boy did the majority of the ravers love it, but I did not just being honest.

Best event you played?
So many to choose from well letís see, here in the UK has to be FANTAZIA, Castle Donnington. What an event that was I was on adrenalin that night the buzz from walking out on stage in front of 29.000 people was amazing and electric. I was on with Pilgrim and it was unreal my first major booking, also I have to big up DANCE VALLEY Holland where I performed to an audience of 80.000 people mannnnnnnnnnn words cant describe the feelings and emotions I will never forget it ever

Funniest/most embarrassing thing that ever happened at an event?
Funniest moment fallin offstage at some BIG rave quite a few times. Actually most embarrassing was at UNITED DANCE event where I crouched down and my trousers split and I had to walk off stage with a massive tear in my ass haaaaaaaaaaaaa LEGEND.

Favourite promoter? (Excluding yourself!)
Many indeed for me it had to be Murray from Dreamscape not only did he push my career big stylee but he was an innovator in the scene he did set the standard for others to follow and I miss him very much was a great loss when he sadly passed away.

What about your favourite promoter today?
Has to be Dance Valley in Holland, and here in the UK has to be Gods Kitchens Global Gathering, on a DnB tip Infidelity in Bristol and Sub:soundz in Shrewsbury also MC Convention and on Hardcore Hixxy's H.T.I.D is massive plus DJ Seductions Uproar.

Who to you is the no1 DNB Dj/producer?
Has to be Pendulum for production they are so hot right now and best dj has be in my eyes Hype always has been really.

Who to you is the no1 happy hardcore dj/producer?
no 1 for me is DJ SY and producer has to be Gammer he is a BADASS also Fracus and Mozz from the midlands are ones to keep an eye out for.

Best venue?
Has to be AIR in Bham a view to the future and the Buttermarket in Shrewsbury for that oldskool feel.

Best international artist?
Has to be my man Yoji Biomehanika the man is a legend we could not walk down the street in Japan he was like royalty or Michael Jackson in his hay day seriously.

Why did you leave Hardcore?
I never really left I just decided to walk a new path to have a new adventure I will admit that the music was all over the place and the scene to me at the time because of the wide selection of music which lost the shape out of hardcore put me off I will be honest however I did loads of work in the hardhouse scene mc-ing at Frantic raves etc hosting Gods Kitchens main tent with artists like Armin Van Burren, Tiesto, Fergie, etc, working on tracks with Yoji Biomehanika all this was going whilst strutting my stuff at raves like Innovation, One Nation etc Hardcore musically has grown and become more appealing to me not just because it has revived itself but because the music for me personally has revived itself, I have been accused of all sorts like jumping ship, jumping on the band wagon, and non of that is true at all at the end of the day I have been in the game for 15 years and I have dedicated my life to the RAVE game .

What do you do to chill out away from the music?
To be honest my whole life is based around music if its not mc-ing I co-produce, manage artists, promote events, I do spend as much time as I can in the gym it helps me chillout and relieve stress also I am looking to do other stuff bigtime as life in music can get a bit too much its like anything really if you are submerged in something 24-7 there can be times when it all gets a bit too much I am just working hard now I guess so I can move to a hot country and live out my days on this planet in paradise.

DíníB or Hardcore?
Both once upon a time it could have gone either way especially where dnb is concerned as hardcore for me just lost all credibility at one time its all different today the music is very good and very credible today, I like to be universal when it comes to music, itís important I feel to be universally minded.

Mad P or Robbie Dee?
Both very good artists but it has to be the pioneer MAD-P seriously he is an absolute legend

Cosy Club or Warehouse?
Well its been along time that I have experienced a warehouse so warehouse it would have to be, how amazing it would be if we had those types of events again to see 10,000 converge on a empty brick built building gone are the days ,BUT you never know.

Fast Food or Fancy restaurant?
Both for me however I like to cook these days but you cant beat a bit of fast foo can you.

KnightRider or A-team?

Ibiza or Bahamas?
Ibiza back in the day but now has to be the Bahamas.

North or South?

Superman or Batman?
The Gotham warrior has to be the BATMAN

Money or Morals?
Morals all day and everyday.

Blondes or Brunettes?
Red or dead

Ferrari or Porsche?

Favourite films?
Primal Fear, Sixth Sense, Dusk Till Dawn, True Crime

Do you listen to any other music?
Loads all the time from Linkin Park to Coldplay from U2 to Bob Marley from the Game-John Legend from Damian Rice to Faithless

What football team do you support?
ASTON VILLA. I have been featured in the official ASTON VILLA magazine. I am now known to over 100,000 ASTON VILLA fans worldwide and they feature me on a regular basis.

Describe yourself in 5 words?
Placid, grafter, considerate, mad, grizzly.

If you could be any other person, (past present, fictional or real) who would you be?
I would like to be a fictional character like Luke Skywalker a JEDI MASTER, wow could you imagine that? Thought not, I can dream though haaaaaaaaaaaaa

Who did you have your 1st crush on?
My first crush was a girl at my junior school normal shit really haaaaa

What is your greatest fear?
I fly a lot as I perform all over the world so to have a plane crash would be my biggest fear.

Whatís the most amazing thing that has happened to you?
Oh many things but once I was flying to a gig in Japan and I was in 1st class sat next to Al Pacino the actor he was safe as f**k we had a good chat and I told him all about the rave scene I will never forget that.

If you had a time machine what year would you go back to and why?
I would go back to religious times if I could when Jesus was around etc and see for myself what was happening in those times and to witness the birth of religion.

How do you see the scene 5 years from now?
Events, music, producers will all be here still for many years, however everything changes, time changes all so other than change thatís all in which direction I do not know or foresee if I did I would be HOT property haaaaaa

What have you been up to recently? Raveology looks to be doing very well? You must be very proudÖ
RAVEOLOGY is a creation of myself and my partner JO-RED and help from good friend Mark and Longerz, RAVEOLOGY is everything I have experienced as an artist as an onlooker watching promoters I worked for as a raver who used to pay into raves its the whole thing rolled into the RAVEOLOGY experience and I together with my crew have worked very hard on this project and God willing we will take it all the way.

What are your plans for RAVEOLOGY?
The plan is to develop Raveology to high level say that of Slammin Vinyl where we could stage arena styled events also the aim is for Raveology to host a multi event where every form of raving electronical music is represented under the banner of a RAVEOLOGY from hardhouse-hardcore to dnb to basslines etc.

Tell us about the RAVEOLOGY album on Virgin recs?
Basically Virgin Records liked the look of RAVEOLOGY and its logos and wanted to release an album advertised on the TV and pushed on a big scale, we did this together and Raveology Keeps on selling as the first volume is oldskool anthems mixed by RATPACK and providing this keeps happening RAVEOLOGY 2 is on the cards for 2006 and will venture down the jungle avenue and nu-skool Drum&Bass flavours.

What as a promoter do you think the crowds want to see now, how do you decide on the lineup?
I keep my ear to the ground I discuss with my crew and I try and implement all styles into my events musically also to try and push musical boundaries some what, but to also cater for the masses to which is what itís all about.

If you could stage a rave anywhere? Where would you stage it and why?
Well, well, well, thatís a good question, I would have to hold it at the all new Wembley stadium could you imagine the biggest rave on earth 100,000 people in the most prestigious venue-stadium in the world now thatís what I call a fantasy rave, but on a reality tip on a London underground station would be cool way down underground would be special or even in the houses of parliament would be BADASS, and I would stage the events in locations such as these just to push the boundaries thatís all, haaaaaaaa could you imagine a rave in the house of commons? I think not but would be classic.

What is Magikstar?
Magikstar is my live project which features MC Biggie, myself and Mind Tactics plus an array of vocalists in 2002 we won the Diesel award on Channel 4 and toured with Moby supporting and performing to crowds of 25,000 plus we have also supported Busta Rhymes, Orbital, Rahzel, Kosheen so we are experienced and our aim is to produce a vocal album that will cross over to a wider audience, and also to write hard styled tracks for the underground too. We are on it and together we aim and plan to touchdown BIG.

What are your memories of MCing at previous Fantazia events?
My memories are great as I said earlier if you never went or had an opportunity to go to a Fantazia event then I am sorry to say YOU MISSED a special time an unforgettable time and I hope FANTAZIA do stage another big 30,000 capacity event giving the new generation a taste of FANTAZIA quality sure the music has grown and changed but their production was the main thing so put there production around todays music and a GREAT event will be Iím sure.

How different will it be 13 years on? Can it be as good as back in the day?
It will never be the same but great atmospheres and vibes can still be created that can be rivaled.

Big Bang 2, your thoughts on the new eventÖ.
BIG BANG 2 will be awesome the Scots know how to party so it will bean occasion especially at the Braefield arena I am sure history will be made again.

Are there any future stars that you predict will be big in 2006 and beyond?
Yes, Dangerous D, a DnB dj from Wolverhampton. Recently won a massive dj competition on BBC 1xtra and he produces tunes and has featured MC Fearless and MC Spyda on his workings is gonna really blow up and I predict he will become a force to reckoned with, also Devize from Hazards camp another DnB star in the making he has been grafting for years and I see big things for him I really do others to look out for are 2 mcs from Walsall Hidro&Tempo these guys are wicked they can chat they know each others lyrics and I think if they really get on with it they will make the grade and get major bookings ,finally DJ Escape also from Hazards camp has been around for year he will also make his mark and become a national and international player in a big way, oh I must big up producer -dj Skitty from Wolves he is on the Metalheadz camp and is becoming a rising star one who will definitely blow also from Bham another Metalheadz family member Souljah is one to watch for.

What advice would you give to up and coming Dj's/MC's?
You have to work extremely hard and think of the competition out there make yourself unique and focus on striving forward as much as you can, those that put time and energy and sacrifice will get to the promised land you have to have "the eye of the tigerĒ and to develop strength as this business can be so harsh and cruel and testing, so thick skinned is a necessity.

What does the future hold for Magika?
Well to keep MCing for the next 7 years, I want to go forward with my MAGIKSTAR crew to become an act like Faithless, Prodigy etc to promote mass events and I have always felt I could act so acting would be great so I will try that avenue ,and when the mc-ing and performing stops to be an A&R man or manager would be cool as I would like to stay in the music game for years to come creativity is in my blood too much its all I know and what I love and I am very lucky to be in the position that I am and I am very humble and grateful

How would you like to be remembered?
As an guy who worked very hard, who not only pushed himself but helped other up&coming artists and who helped push and preserve the scene that I love and that I have dedicated my life too, and not only to be remembered as an mc and all round performer but I co-produce music and write songs so my mission is not complete as I would love to reach a world class level in this so a great composer would be the icing on the cake.

Anything else you want to say? Any shouts?
Big shout to all that have helped me over the years ,the ravers who have supported me and to all the promoters, family friends, and anyone else I wont mention names as I always forget people however I want to dedicate this interview to my dad who passed away in 2002 R.I.P. "Itís cos of you dad I strive forward and am trying to do the best I can and to be a good person too "I sometimes lose myself in music to the point no one matters its only when I think of my dad do my feet hit the ground I am only human.Ē is not just a site for my events bit I hope for this site to be a online guide and magazine to raving-electronic music culture covering everything from other events music releases, album review also life style.

How can people and promoters book you?

Interview conducted by Bex
(Copyright Fantazia 2005)

Photos: Zen INOYA


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MC Magika - Fantazia Exclusive Interview 2005

Full name, age and birthplace?
I am known to all my friends as G, and my birth place is Bham.

Location now?

What were you early music influences? Who did you look up to?
Michael Jackson/Public Enemy/Paul Hardcastle.

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