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Fantazia Second Sight - Australia - 08/10/94

Following on from our first party in Sydney, Australia on New Year 1993,  Fantazia return once again as part of our Australian tour,  with special guest star Sven Vath.

The Australian tour was run by Chris Griffin,  who had previously been behind UK rave scene names PerceptionVision and Mythology.    Who was employed by Fantazia because of this extensive experience of the scene.

A selection of sets from this event are available from this event.

Second Sight - Review

There seemed to be quite a few events taking place in Sydney when we arrived, though none of them were of any magnitude, mostly in the clubs.   Then we managed to find a flyer for an event we had heard was taking place, but not actually had any confirmation of.  We could hardly believe our eyes when we saw the main DJ on the night,  it was like a dream come true!   Saturday 8th October was Fantazia's The Second Sight and special guest was the one and only Sven Vath from Germany.  This was one we just couldn't afford to miss!

Although the event was apparently fully approved and licensed,  the location wasn't released until the day.   Anyway it's all part of the fun not really knowing where you are going for the night and makes the event feel a lot more underground even if it is legal.   It wasn't hard to find the building, when we arrived there were masses of people queuing to get in,  but this does lead me to a rather important point.   We were surprised to find that you could freely leave the event and go back in, you are simply given a stamp on your hand as proof of ticket purchase,  a good idea if it's an all night event because you are free to go and sit in the car or do as you please.

What did amaze us was the fact that people were allowed to leave then congregate outside the venue on the roadside.  At some points throughout the night people were gathering in such large numbers that they were obstructing road access and causing problems for passing traffic.   In view of the attention drawn to the event by local police due to the congregation,   I can only feel it would have been better to keep everyone inside instead of drawing unnecessary attention that no doubt made the authorities feel like the night had been a hindrance on the surrounding general public.

Anyway,  on with the night, and entertainment, most importantly the music and the DJ's.  The main arena was in a court yard and was actually open air.

Even so the music was fairly loud especially if you were in front of one of the large speakers.  However, it could have been a lot louder,  but obviously Fantazia were restricted by the location.   Production was no where near the standard of Fantazia's UK events but the capacity was only around 1,500. with a ticket price of less that 15 UK equivalent, so it's fair to say that the production was more than acceptable for the budget they must have been working with.   The music policy in the main arena was across the board and we will come to the DJ's who played in a moment.   Inside the building were two other arenas,  one playing garage and house and downstairs a room for the not so well know names to play as they wished.  Absolutely banging all night.

The main arena saw some excellent DJ's playing a selection of techno and breakbeat, some of them mixing both in the same set.  Techno is more popular at the moment,  but the crowd are similar to those in Perth and are willing and pleased to listen to whatever they are exposed to,  a commendable open-minded attitude.   Pee Wee played an absolutely brilliant set proving why he is respected as one of Australia's top DJ's.  The other DJ's on the night also performed exceptionally well, although it must be said that Crisis wasn't as good as expected when we heard that he had previously said the he could mix better on three decks than Carl Cox.  

The main man on the night was excellent,  Sven Vath proving why he is respected throughout the world for what he is doing.  Some comments have been made in the UK saying that he has got monotonous with this music,  well, this night proved he had extreme talent and is a perfect showman, enjoying every minute f the set as much as the crowd.

The garage room was pumping out excellent music all night and went down extremely well for the large crowd that packed in that room.  Downstairs had a very underground feel,  a loud sound system, but only a few lights,  good crowd and top DJs who were playing mostly techno which has been the more popular sound in Sydney over the last year.  But again adopting to the breakbeat set that finished the night by DJ Adrenalin.

The whole night was a success, capacity attendance, good crowd and absolutely no hassles.   The scene may be behind in Australia,  but the attitude of many party-goers is certainly more advanced. 

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