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Fantazia Circus Circus - Review by M8

The M8 crew braved the bad weather and headed across the Irish Sea for Fantazia's first ever show in Ireland at Circus Circus in Banbridge on Saturday, December 19th.   

The amazing line-up at this Fantazia Circus Circus event included Dye Witness and DJ Nightraver from Rotterdam, Holland - both hitting the hardcore trail for the unsuspecting Irish massive.  The club was rammed and they certainly enjoyed the beautiful Fantazia podium dancers who were all well sexy!  

English Jocks in the house for Fantazia were Dougal (who was brilliant) and Vibes, and Scotland was well represented by Renegade and Static.  Of the Irish jocks, the most talented was unquestionably Tizer, who'll be coming over to play in Scotland in the New Year for M8.   Fantazia filmed the Circus Circus event and this show appears on the Fantazia Video The Fourth Dimension, alongside Fantazia @ Life, Bowlers.

The last twenty minutes of the Fantazia Circus Circus show was special.  They put the house lights on and MC MC asked the party people to get their hands in the air and make some noise for the video.   Tizer then played Q-Tex's Power of Love and the waving and cheering, singing thousands joined in the Fantastic Fantazia vibe and sang every last word of the top dance tune of 94!

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DJ Tizer

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