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It's 8.50 and I'm with my mates waiting in the queue for the doors to open to one of the biggest Birthday parties of the year. The queue is out the door and round the side of the building, almost twice, it seems.

The date: 23 April 1992.
The venue: The Sanctuary, Milton Keynes.
The event: Fantazia's 2nd Birthday.

Booming basslines can be heard through the corrugated walls of the building as the sound system is warmed up inside. Twenty minutes have rolled by and we're still outside the door but hey we're getting closer aren't we?

Within the next half hour we go through a mini maze to quite a stringent security check, pockets empty, coins drop, cigarettes checked, the usual practice but it's relatively quick and painless then it's on to handing over the priceless ticket, that I've been holding onto like a gold bar, as they've completely sold out before the event.

Then it's through the black swing doors. Raw sound assaults the ears, lights are flashing and screens showing all manner of visual eye candy, huge inflatables are hanging from the ceiling. Yep we're in for a night to remember.

Up to the bar to get ourselves some drinks, usual outlandish prices for a beer but what the heck it's a party!

The main arena is filling up fast as more and more people enter from outside.

I take the stairs leading to the second arena and the balcony overlooking the main arena which is where I wanna be so I can see everything from a height. It looks awesome!

I've been here now for about five hours and the dancing has been non stop since the first beer. The DJ's have been exciting and playing to the crowd with the MC's adding their inimical flair to the buzz.

Exhausted but not done yet, I've lost my mates but know I'll find them at some point later on, I've been chatting with some old and some new faces, all of whom are going on about what they've done, where they've been and whom they've seen. It's a great party and a brilliant vibe.

I get caught by a cameraman who's been going about the place filming it for posterity and I wonder if I'll edited out before the final cut. Not to worry, he's gone now and I've been caught with a gormless grin on my face hehehe. Not one for mother to see I suspect.

The music draws to a close and there are people begging and screaming for more but the main arena lights come on and we know that's finally it.

Now we're off to go and chill out at one of our friends houses, for the weekend has begun and it hasn't finished yet and I'm sure there's a party on again tonight!

I've met some fine people tonight and I'm mighty glad that I have. I'm still in touch with some of them today 14 years later.

Thank you Fantazia Crew for keeping the vibe alive. It was a fabulous party and one, I suspect, will never forget.


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Fantazia Birthday Party

23rd April 1993 The Sanctuary, Milton Keynes.

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