A large number of people attending would arrive at the Spring Box warehouse after leaving other parties like Sin at the Astoria that finished at 3am.

The man behind Genesis is Wayne Anthony who later wrote Class of 88, which give an account of the period.  For a PDF copy of the book click here

Genesis Raves:

New Generation / Genesis (16 Apr 90)
Genesis - The Awakening I (18 Apr 92)
Genesis - The Promised Land II (16 May 92)

Genesis / Sunrise Party Review - After Freedom to party March

Well, this one sticks in my head big time

I cant quite remember the date, but it was the time when things were really hotting up on the scene, parties being closed down from one end of the country to the other. The big promoters from all round had organized 'the freedom to party march' if i remember right there were 12 protests on different dates & they promised a free party after every march.

So...Me & my partying crew made the trek up to london for one of the marches. I think it started at marble Arch to Trafalger square, we got there not quite knowing what to expect. When we did we were gobsmacked! Thousands of ravers from all over waiting for the march to begin. The buzz was amazing, we were part of this!! It felt like something from the sixties, like mods & rockers that would be talked about for years to come.
The march started, the person leading the march insisted it was to be peacefull & for us all to show that we werent causing trouble & we were demonstrating for our right to party. So off we went, surrounded by police, riot shields out, horses out, police vans left right & centre. But nobody gave the police the excuse to make us look bad, we walked through london cheering, chanting 'freedom to party' etc, i remember looking behind me & seeing a sea of ravers all as one, it was great!

We got to Trafalgar square, & on arrival there were some ravers weaving in & out of the crowd giving out flyers that said

'free party tonight, we promised you 12 free parties, we have given you six, tonight is the seventh, meet point, south mimms services, midnight'

Armed with what we needed we dispersed, we drove back to Cambridge & waited in anticipation for darkness to fall.

The time had come....we jumped into my mates car & headed for South Mimms, we had heard of the South Mimms meet & but had never been there, so yet again we had no idea of what to expect.
On arrival the car park was packed, stereo's booming out of each car, people totally nutted already dancing around, there were 7 & half ton lorries that were full of ravers sitting in darkness waiting to be taken to the party.

We found a space, parked up & waited........& waited & waited...nothing was happening, 1am passed, 2am passed.....cars were starting to leave. My mate said' lets go, this isn't going to happen', I said 'we've come this far, if you want to go, wait until I've found a lift because I'm not going back!' the others in the car agreed so my mate said 'ok we'll wait til three, if nothing happens by then we're going'.

30 mins later, everybody started to move, we hadn't been given a signal, we hadn't heard anything, we just saw & heard hundreds of cars start up & start driving.

LETS GO!!!!! We started up & caught up with the convoy, hundreds of cars bombing it down the motorway, the lead car moved into one lane & so did every other car, then it moved back into the fast lane & we all followed suit. The convoy looked like a giant snake weaving across the motorway. I have no idea where we were going, all I remember is that we drove for about half an hour then all the cars just pulled over by the side of the road.

We jumped out of the car to the screaming in the background of 'park & run' & we did, we ran after everybody & in the distance we saw a huge warehouse, but as we got closer, to our dismay, it was completely surrounded by police, we were gutted, they had got there first.

The promoter shouted out 'stand firm people!'

This guy had balls the size of water mellons!

Blocking the lorry entrance to the warehouse was about 30 odd police alone, in riot gear being lead by a big police honcho, a chief super or something.

The promoter, not phased in the slightest just stood right in front of him and said 'open the doors & lets us in, this party is GOING TO HAPPEN!'

The Chief Super replied 'there has never been an illegal rave on my patch & there never will be'

The promoter turned around & said 'I'll make a deal with you, if we can get in then you admit defeat & let us have our party'

The super almost laughed his head off 'ok mate, if you get in then you can have your party, but I'm telling you this, there is no way you are getting past us'

The promoter clapped his hands & The lorry entrance just rolled up!! 'Steam them he screamed!!' unknown to any of us & to the police, the party was already set up & ready to go with people already in the warehouse. It really was like something from a movie, nobody could believe it, 1000 odd ravers just catapulted towards the thirty odd riot police & forced their way through, they didn't have a chance

Once inside the shutters closed, it was pitch black, damp smelling, I had been split from my friends, so many emotions in one day was overwhelming, my heart was beating so fast.

Then the darkness was broken by the sound of generators starting up, disco lights flickering on as they got a bit of juice & finally the sound system powered up.

There was a huge roar of excitement, The first song was
Snap - I've got the power & as it started The shutters opened up, the police knew they were beaten & 1000 ravers stood pointing their fingers at them screaming

'I've got the power!'

We were left alone, a few police cars to monitor the party, & a couple more to put a parking fine on every single car that was parked up.

I found my friends, we danced on the same spot all night, dancing through night to morning to lunchtime & finally until about 4 pm the next day. It was a day & night that will never be forgotten for us, we still talk about it now.

we drove home, rolled up & just sat in silence until the next day, we were in a kind of shock, the music, the vibe, the bond that everybody at that party had.. Had blown us away.

Truly Unforgettable & I'm proud to have been there!
: )

Kitehigh-Vic (forum member)


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Genesis Profile

Rave company Genesis was around from the start of the Acid House scene.  There first party was at the Spring Box warehouse in Hackney Springfield in 1988 and from there they carried on holding them weekly.      These were illegal parties with admission 10,  thousands flocked to them, dancing into the next day.

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