Revelation started in May 1992 after travelling groups like Tribal Dance and Circus Warp got raided by police who were desperate to shut down their illegal free parties.  Jon Lewis aka DJ Mach One who was spinning alongside people like Easygroove, The producer and DJ Die, also met the guys who went on to set up Brainstorm and Universe - Paul Shurey and Rob Pepper / Vega before he moved on to doing his own legal all nighters called Dreamscape with his partner, Daylee.  After their second party the pair went separate ways and the name was used coincidentally (or not) by promoter Murray James, who managed to flier the name on a more national scale and mike it his own success.

Jon, however wanted to continue promoting parties and did so with the new name of Revelation when he found an isolated venue called Verbeer Manor on the outskirts of Exeter.  That ran for a sporadic two years and attained notoriety after being highlighted in ITV television's Cook Report on the subject of the drug ecstasy.  In spite of the damaging effects the Cook Report had on its chosen subject, Revelation survived and its success was so much so that the manager of the Warehouse in Plymouth, Kenny James, approached Jon to continue his nights there.

Just as Tribal Dance was influenced by the visual converts of the band Pink Floyd, Jon was inspired by Tribal Dance's visuals to put on parties of 'state of the art lighting with cutting edge music' in order to constantly push the club and the scene forward.


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Revelation - The Warehouse - Profile

The Warehouse in Plymouth is a venue that has a lot of history behind it as far as dance music goes, carrying the memories of such parties as Wasp Factory, Alpha, Essence and many others including  Revelation.

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