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Fantazia Bowlers

27th August 1994, Life, Bowlers, Manchester.

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DJ John Waddickers - Memories

There was a fair amount of excitement when it became public knowledge that Fantazia were coming to Bowlers. At the time the club was still very popular & the crowds were amazing, but the Fantazia party was going to be something else. I was personally looking forward to Carl Cox again - I'd played with him a few months before and he'd certainly lived up to his reputation. His boxes were packed with records & he seem to go through them at an amazing rate. He was constantly chopping tracks up & mixing them in seamlessly. It was great to watch.

The place was packed to the rafters & the noise was stunning. Fantazia seemed to have transformed the whole feel & vibe just by their presence. I remember it being one of the most impressive nights at Bowlers & it certainly stands out as one of the highlights of my residency. I remember playing K Klass' "Rhythm Is A Mystery", which was one of my favourites & still is. The noise from the crowd almost drowned out the sound system.

It was a good night!

DJ John Waddicker


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