What can be said about Fantazia @ Bowlers 2011? EASILY the best event I've ever attended! Wicked from start to finish - only wish i had got to venue for doors opening, missed an hour! Can mind everything for a change to!
Most events seem to make out there bigger than they are, though this seemed a lot bigger than a 4,500 event, place was gridlocked outside afterwards! We queued for about 20 mins at around 8pm - no complaints - they supplied brolly's for everyone..   Spent most of the night in "Room 2" and was rammed all night, Ratty, Slipmatt, Sy, Shades of Rhythm - all wicked!!

Caught N-Joi and Stu Allen in the main which was massive. Was only in the techno room for a bit when Dave Angel and MC Ribbz were on...... AMAZING! Ribbz is a nutter, just dived into the crowd with the mic....Defo set of the night for me.. Passed through the DnB room on a few occasions, fucken packed! Total sweatbox, not that the crowd looked to be bothering  - Plenty bars - Drink prices - 2 drinks for £7 - large bottles of Carlsberg too..  Loads of loo's - swamps by the end of the night though...old skool style...FREE fairground outside which we had a shot on. Inflatable Lazer Quest free too, and a surfing machine!!.. Full production, including lazers in every room, LED screens, poledancers, fire-eaters and some daftie taking a grinder to her pie in the main room!! Really friendly NED free crowd - well worth the drive down!!!

Hello Fantazia -  Your organisation should be proud of itself. “The Greatest Show on Earth” held at Bowlers in Manchester on 8thOctober 2011 really was the greatest show on earth. Absolutely fantastic. The line-ups were excellent. The various types of music available across 5 rooms meant everyone was nicely catered for. The visuals (lights/lasers/stages/dancers) were fantastic. The security staff also had umbrella’s for the queue. Absolutely amazing night with fantastic “customer service”. A very successful night and very very enjoyable.   Well done and keep up the good work. Hope you plan to come back to Bowlers again soon.... Hope you can sort something out for next summer. 
Sean Pagetta very happy customer.

The event was class 5*****
Davie Stevenson

Highlight: Neophyte nickin ma jacket and parading it around the stage - Downer: managin too everythin again after another 13hr scoopin session.  Roll on the next one 

What a fantastic night ! Definitely the best night out I've had in the UK for a long time. I'm full of aches & pains today.
DJ Smurf

Fantazia that was amazing wha a f*ckin night! I feel all sad 2day as I don't know when the next 1 is ;(  - Hope the next1 is in Scotland cause us Scots don't half-know how to party!  Big shout out 2 Baby D what a voice!   All the DJ's failed 2 disappoint what a f*ckin night!    Aside that its been one of my best nights out and my first Fantazia many more 2 come hopefully! This event definitely compares to Coloursfest its up there with the BIG-BOY events. The atmosphere was awesome and the crowd were superb!

Don't think it was as good as the last time but hey I ain't complaining it was a fuckin GOOD night.
Kwinkle raver

All I can say just now is fookin WOW! 

Superb night again. Thought it was a lot better then last time and most impressed my legs held out as long as Neophyte.  Stayed in the main arena most of the night and every DJ and PA was superb. Big up Bassy G, Scott Brown, Neophyte and Ellis Dee especially and Hixxy was superb in the other arena. The heads still a bit of a mess just now so time to go and chill.  Respect Fantazia!!!!!!!

Worst part of the night was being unable to move during the last third of Bassy's set, my whistle & my right arm had to do all the talking as it was so busy.
Otherwise FANDABEEDOZEETASTICTAZIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mad Elaine

Was there thought it was really good although hardcore wasn't my cup of tea, saw some amazing sets from Easygroove main arena - on way to early though ! Ellis Dee was tops, Scott Brown also but for me top room and dj was the house room it had an amazing buzz top dj was definitely Brandon Block fair play he rocked. 

WICKED variation in the tunes, 100% faultless
Errol Old Skool

Absolutely no complaints for me, as no one can expect the djs to play only their faves, fantastic night all round 

I liked the set times for this event as I am more interested in the old skool (as noted above). All of these guys were on early and that drew a line for me, hence the reason I headed early. 

Still felt I got value for money, great DJ's (Bass Generator for me was the highlight of the night - yes, that's right, you heard me....), and the PA's were top too (Baby D my personal faves, with Ramirez a close 2nd). 

Bassy G was awesome, loved his set, proper banging old-skool hardcore from my teen days. Loved it I tell you

Haven't been raving for 10 years met the old gang and had a huge huge blast oh gush what a rush!!!!

OMG.........What a night people. Big shout to everyone who attended, DJs, MC's and the ravers. Was The best one yet as far as I'm concerned, Will get round to doing a review when I'm in a slightly better sate of mind.
James Keat

Brilliant night, brilliant atmosphere, brilliant meeting all the forum crew again nice to catch up with everyone before I ended up a gibberin wreck lol

What a night ... Absolutely class.
3RiN G33

Dancing Man Tattoo

Please find photo attached and as for what inspired me lol E Trips Speed & Weed !

I was about 15 and some dodgy biker type geezer did it for me passing me a spliff  every 5 minutes.  I paid him for the tattoo in speed! To describe myself then I was 8 stone wet through a right speedy little nutter and don't think I'd manage these days though, slowed right down lol.   Thanks again.   Jay Hendry

Kevin Lang's Memories

I would just like to say well done for the new site and more importantly many thanks for doing what you did for the scene.  I went to nearly all the Fantazia events and all the ones from 91 NYE to 93/94. In my opinion your events were definitely up there with the best. for me Universe and Fantazia set standards and to watch the way the events grew in size and production was without doubt some of my fondest memories
and best experiences.

I have real trouble when asked to name my favourite Fantazia event and it always come down to the same 3 New Years Eve 91/92.   Although not the best for visuals the music made up for that BIG TIME with  Slipmatt, SY, Ratty and Top Buzz sets way ahead of their time they were superb.  Lets not forget the awesome Easygroove & Lisa set banging all the way.. and the surprise set for me was the lee gee set he was superb.. I would love the track listings for all the sets especially the Lee Gee set as I only have Top Buzz's.

For me Second Sight was a blur sorry.... I can only remember getting my face painted I asked the woman to write or draw something or anything she chose or that was appropriate.. when I looked at my reflection in the cold drinks fridge at Exeter services I realised why everyone was laughing and why I was getting strange looks all night... it said "fucked up" in luminous blue and purple...

So next comes Bournemouth all I can say is it blew me away...and Top Buzz's set for me is one of the best sets ever, I loved it.  I know Mad P got a bit pissed at all the people winding him up and being daft hanging from speakers etc, but for me and those with me that set is legendary....and so was the event...

As with Second Sight,  One Step Beyond was a bit of a blur but awesome all the same if a little hot lol.

New Year 92/93 We left our home in plenty of time to drive up the motorway.  We got four miles and our clutch went Ii threw my toys right out the pram and on the verge of tears walked off to cool down in the meantime my friends pushed the car the 300 yards to the garage and put a simple pin in the clutch and drove up beside me and laughed their socks off  when we drove up to Hungerford and went through the infamous high street we we felt quite guilty to be so happy in a place where something so bad had happened we pulled up expecting to party all night in a plush 16th century mansion only to find that the mansion was actually two large tents in the grounds of the mansion, then to find that inside the majority of the main tent was a mud bath our faces and expectations dropped.. then Easygroove came on then Seduction, Slipmatt, Ratpack, Foodjunky, Ellis Dee.... what a f*****g night... the music was superb and yet again so was the event..

I don't know why I said all that and I could go on forever but they were for me some of the best events of that era and thinking about it I'm just glad I had the chance to thank all those involved in something that has had such a profound effect on my, choices, tastes, attitudes and life..   The years of 89- 93 and the house years after have influenced me beyond comparison and Fantazia was a big part in that influence so a big thank you and good luck with the site I will be a regular visitor and I hope this influences a major old skool comeback especially in clubs as 99% of the music around now is just plain shite...


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