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Fantazia Timeline 1991-92

James & Chris Griffin start  a small dance music night in Cheltenham,  this later becomes Trance.    Club is a sell out weekly attracting people from all over the South West.    Convinced by its success and the rise of the scene, both decide to go their own way to hold bigger parties.

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Chris forms Perception and does his first party in Bristol.

James teams up with Gideon Dawson to form FANTAZIA.  The legend is born.   The first party 19th April 1991 at the Eclipse is a massive success with DJs Carl Cox, Jumping Jack Frost, Sasha & Ellis Dee headlining.     

They then stage a festival in their home town with a mixture of music styles whilst they make there next plans.   A financial backer is introduced to James at the event, allowing the next step.

It's the dance music scene that has them excited.   With the funding now available, a license is applied for to do an event at the Westpoint Centre, near Exeter.

As a prelude they hold a pre Christmas Celebration again at the Eclipse.

New Year 91 Westpoint is a 8,000 sell out.    The Top Buzz set rocks the house and is an all time classic Old Skool set.

Feb 92.  Once again Fantazia return to Westpoint for The Second Sight.   This is the first of the parties to be filmed.  A moment of rave history is captured.   All the big Fantazia parties are filmed from this point.

Summertime, Matchams Park, near Bournemouth.   The Legend grows.  15th May 1992.   At a small race track this open air party is held on one of the hottest May days anyone can remember.   Over 16,000 people turn up to a party licensed for 8,000.    The near by motorway is blocked as people abandon there cars to get to the party.    Features as a headline story on the ITN news at 10.

Features brilliant music and Robbie Dee hanging from the stage suspended in mid air.   The party continues on the beaches the following day.

Gideon leaves the company after large amounts of money are left unaccounted for.

One Step Beyond, Donnington 25th July 1992.   Fantazia stage the largest rave ever held at the International Race Circuit, in the heart of the Midlands.  9pm - 9am from the opening of the gates at 4pm the crowds are enormous.     The stage is in the shape of a castle, with a huge drawbridge.  Half way through the night a massive inflatable Dragon appears in the middle of the crowd.

November 1992 - Fantazia launch their new record label at The Showcase, Bath & West Showground.  The show is brilliant with a 20k 40ft high tech display screen.   The First Taste, the first albums is a success and is still one of the best & biggest selling Old Skool albums, with tracks by Top Buzz, Ellis Dee & PSI.

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