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From early beginnings as an underground craze manifesting itself in seedy clubs and at chaotic gatherings in fields around London's M25 motorway, Fantazia has come a long, long way.

Gone is the constant battling with police and local authorities, gone are the furtive phone calls from Britain's youth to find a party's destination hours before it was due to begin.

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From these small beginnings  Fantazia have grown to become the worlds most respected party organisation, promoting events that attract massive audiences, at both indoor and outdoor locations and becoming the first in the world to organise a dance-party for over 25,000 people.  Using the most up-to-date and exciting attractions ever seen (state-or-the-art computer animated graphics, laser technology, pyrotechnics, 3D projections and advance water technology alongside the most outlandish performers available) the parties became legendary with the nations youth.

Fantazia then took on the formidable task of travelling across the globe to Australia, where the team proved their ability to once again, stage a party of spectacular proportions in a land that was totally unknown to them.  A further two tours of Australia followed before taking the Fantazia parties to Eastern Russia, France, Spain, Portugal, Ibiza and Miami, Florida.   So famous was their incredible productions that the tour agents of the rock band 'Oasis' asked Fantazia to stage their backstage party at the two 125,000 strong gigs at Knebworth in 1995.

During this time, the Fantazia record company was achieving phenomenal success across the UK with their DJ mix albums, a concept that had never truly gained national recognition until Fantazia's intervention.  As the first company to offer triple and double albums featuring records destined for national success, with fashionable designs and packaging for the same price as a standard album.  Fantazia had thrown the 'CD pricing debate' into the air. 

Value For Money was made fashionable again across the recording world and many companies emulated the example that Fantazia had set.  In the process, Fantazia launched the DJ album careers of the biggest DJs currently working in the dance world, names such as Graeme Park, Tony De Vit, Boy George, Luv Dup, Jon of the Pleased Wimmin, Tall Paul, Mike Cosford, Allister Whitehead and LTJ Bukum as well as strengthening the profile of names such as Carl Cox, Grooverider, Mr C (The Shamen), and Jeremy Healy now all famous in their own right.  And so the Fantazia story continues.............


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