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Fantazia The Story So Far

A rave phenomenon.  A exert from our Story so Far book released in 1992........

From its early beginning as an underground craze manifesting itself in seedy clubs and at chaotic gatherings in fields around London's orbital M25, rave music has come a long way.

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Long gone are the constant battles with local Police and authorities and furtive 0898 calls from ravers to find out the destination hours before a party was due to begin.  In has come a new brand of rave promoter-Fantazia whose approach is to combine honesty and integrity with provisions of top-class entertainment, while at the same time assuring both local authorities and ravers alike of a safe party environment with full on-site facilities.

Now, as rave music dominates the charts throughout Europe Fantazia have embraced the ethos of this newest of musical forms and ill raise both the live and recorded rave scene to new heights.  Love it or hate it, rave is here to stay and its future is in safe hands...

Fantazia the prime movers

Learning his apprenticeship organising club nights and black-tie balls, Fantazia's James was one of the first people to see the viability of legal, large-scale "rave spectaculars", but also saw that for the type of show he envisaged, major financial backing was going to be essential...

Enter the financier, also a veteran party goer who, like James, immediately saw a huge gap in the rave market waiting to be filled.  The two recognised a meeting of kindred spirits and thus was born Fantazia a company named to evoke a voyage into the greater depths of the imagination.

From small beginnings promoting rave night at Midlands clubs, Fantazia have grown to become the World's largest rave promoters, regularly promoting events attracting massive audiences, at both indoor and outdoor venues (including over 25,000 at heavy metal stronghold Castle Donnington) and featuring some of the most dramatic attractions ever seen on any stage, including state of the art computer animated graphics, laser robotic technology and giant inflatable to name a few.


The past two years have seen Fantazia go from strength to strength and the future will bring even great triumphs with the formation of THE Fantazia Clothing Company & Fantazia Records (in conjunction with ex-Island Music MD Billy Lawrie) to develop the most dynamic and exciting new rave artists, and plans to take the Fantazia on a World Tour.

At last, the approachable face of rave music is here FANTAZIA...COME AND JOIN THE FUTURE! 


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